Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eating Like a Hippie Never Tasted so Good

This morning we headed out to Company Cafe on Lower Greenville. I found them while searching for gluten free bakeries in the Dallas area. They are a restaurant that offers healthy organic foods as well as several gluten free options. Their prices are also on the affordable side so that offered a nice perk as well.

Parking was very minimal but we managed to find a spot fairly quickly. I guess we must have gotten lucky. As we walked into the restaurant, we saw servers wearing t-shirts with the slogan "Eating like a hippie never tasted so good". So, obviously you can see where my inspiration came from for tonight's blog title.

I ordered the gluten free waffles and a half of a gluten free bagel to split with Bells. Naturally, I just had to add in the chocolate chips and whipped cream. It took a while to get our food, but it was pretty busy so we expected it. Our server was very friendly, but very busy so our encounters were on the short side.

When the food finally arrived, it was well worth the wait. It was one of the best waffles I had ever had at a restaurant. I actually questioned to myself whether it was actually gluten free -- but gluten free waffles were the only types of waffles they offered so they obviously just knew what they were doing in the kitchen. The bagel was also very tasty.

I want to go back and try their lunch and dinner menus, but the prices on those meals aren't as good as the breakfast options. I'm sure we'll make it back there. I suggest this place to anyone in the Dallas area -- regardless if you eat gluten free.

Gluten free heaven on a plate


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