Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Going to Pay for that Later

Food delivery options are very slim for those with an intolerance to gluten. Pizza is out completely, there is not a single pizza delivery place that offers gluten free pizza. That has mostly to do with cross contamination since there's no way for them to guarantee your pizza will come out completely gluten free. Chinese food is a pain because you have to analyze every single ingredient they put in and tell them to look at their jar of soy sauce to find out if it has gluten in it. Sandwich places, an obvious no...unless you want to pay a bunch of money for them to deliver turkey and cheese in a bag.

I'm still getting used to this diet and I forgot to defrost something to cook for dinner. I'm in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store, so I had nothing easy to fix either. For Bells, I made her a gluten free pizza with the crust I hate -- she loves it. After spending 30 minutes staring at nearly empty pantry and refrigerator shelves, I cracked. I caved. The hunger pains grew stronger and stronger.

I went ahead and ordered myself a sandwich from Jimmy Johns -- with the bread. Oh, sweet normal bread. It tasted so good. I know I'll pay for it later. My stomach is already hurting from the gluten intake. I have done so great at this new diet, but tonight I caved in to temptation.


chelsburke2 said...

There is a place across the street from my house that has gluten free menu options for pizza, pasta and dessert oh and wings too. The owners son is also gluten intolerable so they take LARGE steps in keeping the cross contamination to a minimum.

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