Friday, October 21, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3

Sprouts was having a sale on gluten free products, so I went a few days ago to stock up on a few things. I picked up two different cake mix brands to do some testing. I'm hoping to make Bella's birthday cake myself and save some money, but I wanted to test them out to see which one is best. Tonight, I tested Pamela's Vanilla Cake Mix with Cherrybrook Vanilla Frosting. Since I'm doing the theme of the party based on the Nick Jr. show :"Fresh Beat Band", I'm planning on making the inside of the cake various colors to represent the characters on the show. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and try out both in one swoop.

The cake was fairly easy to make -- exactly the same as a regular cake mix. To do the rainbow colors, I just had to divide the batter into 4 separate bowls and use food coloring to color the batter. Then, I just put in one color at a time and baked the cake. The frosting was so thick and difficult to spread. It felt like I was spreading honey across the cake. It was not an easy task. I'll have to try to remedy the situation for Bella's birthday. It was also a very translucent color...almost clear. So, there was really no point in dying the frosting like I had done.

The cake tasted really good and looked pretty cool with the colors. I deem this a success. I'm still going to try the other brand of cake mix next week to see which I like better. When I do that, I'll try out another frosting idea to see if I can get better results another way.


chelsburke2 said...

Chick I know I have told you this before but Betty Crocker has two cake mixes that are GF! One Vanilla and one Chocolate. You can also get MOST frostings from the regular stores and those tend to be GF. You have no idea the amount of work I have put into this for my friend. Don't go SO out of your way. Do more looking at your local Safeway. Actually I found the GF cake mix for cheaper at Target than at Fry's or Walmart. Just so you know :)

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